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Our Inspiration

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The inspiration for Mommies Melodies comes from the life experiences of our founder, Tarana Hayes. Tarana has three beautiful children that have given her great blessings as well as great education on the support that mommies need. The children have been the seeds for big ideas - inspiring the development of multiple businesses, personal growth, and aha! moments.

Mommies Melodies strives to empower mothers to reach their highest potential. Tarana suffered a miscarriage at a very young age and this profound loss affirmed to her the power of the body and drove her passion for all things related to women’s empowerment. Mommies Melodies strives to empower women with inspirational programs that support women, no matter their circumstances.

Mommies Melodies is passionate about educating mothers to balance discipline and love, just like Tarana’s late mother taught her. Tarana credits her mother for not only supporting all her endeavors, but also giving her the permission to be ambitious, self-fulfilled, and unapologetically uncompromising when it comes to recognizing her power and protecting her peace through the way she lived her life. Tarana’s mother challenged, but also championed her. Tarana understands the importance of passing the important lessons her mother taught her, to other mothers so that they can reap the same benefits for their families.

Meet the founder

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Tarana Hayes, Founder

Who is Tarana? Author, entrepreneur, world traveler, adventurer, professional braider, lash tech, a lover of words, books, and journaling, daughter, sister, wife, mommy. Tarana is all of these things and called by many names that represent different parts of her identity. The one designation that remains eminent and that she roots herself in is a woman. Tarana is determined to make sure that in everything she does, she shows up as a woman first.

A problem-solver, Tarana loves to overcome obstacles and find solutions. Many of those solutions often come from building with and sharing space with other women. Founded in 2018, Tarana built Mommies Melodies. What started as an online support group for mothers and women has grown to include annual events, workshops, group travel, and more. Mommies Melodies is grounded in the concept of community and mothers’ shared experiences near and far.

Now a Detroit-based stylist specializing in braids, twists, and loc maintenance, Tarana travels across the city and even beyond state lines. She prides herself on meeting her clients where they are, literally bringing the salon experience to clients’ homes. While entrepreneurship has its challenges, being a braiding business owner and certified lash extension tech has helped her to create a life of freedom. Being present and flexible for her family and providing a colorful life for her children, alongside her husband, is what she always imagined for her life. Family, freedom, and flexibility are fundamental principles for Tarana.  

Tarana’s latest project is a book entitled, The Woman Inside Mommy, that released in summer 2021. The inspiration came from feeling like she’d lost herself within her titles. This is for those who've miscarried, had abortions, given physical birth, and those who find themselves being the
nurturers in blood and chosen family. It strengthens language and accessibility around motherhood. This timely weekly devotional includes activities centering on the reclamation of the voice, power, rediscovery, identity, and words of affirmation.

Tarana likes to say that her love for language isn’t just words of affirmation but words in general. A letter-writing millennial who prefers to explain feelings on paper or even text, Tarana appreciates the power of words and reading. Rereading every year and gaining new insight from it each time,  her favorite book is “Eat, Pray, Love,” and ironically, also her favorite things
to do. Tarana also enjoys traveling, music, and spending time with family.